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We provide a variety of immigration related services

According to a recent U.S. Congressional study, Immigration Law is extremely convoluted and is akin to the U.S. Tax Code in complexity.  You can read about this by clicking here.  It is thus highly advisable to hire an immigration attorney to help attain an approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

We have had great success with many visa types including the H-1B professional visa, and the difficult to acquire L-1B specialized-knowledge corporate transferee.

Our experience also extends to family immigration matters such as Lawful Permanent Residence through marriage to a United States Citizen spouse,  Cuban Adjustments and Fiancé/Fiancée visas.

U.S. Citizenship is the culmination of years of immigration work and our amongst our favorite and most satisfying cases to work on.

Finally, in the unfortunate event that it becomes necessary, our firm has a good deal of experience in Immigration Court proceedings such as Removal or Deportation which may require defenses like Asylum, Voluntary Departure, Cancellation of Removal or Withholding of Removal.

With the complexity found in U.S. Immigration Law, it is more important and crucial than ever that an immigration attorney be your guide through legalization in the United States, whatever that may be.  Let the Law Offices of Guillermo J. Senmartin, P.A. be your guide.


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